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      In 2000 its predecessor company, Shenzhen, Fres, a security product based on the concept of digi-tal ANB-8000 series of product development; 
      In 2002 the company Fulaisen cooperation with Beijing to set up factories, the same year, the figures carry their own security products, security Shanghai exhibition to participate in and receive the peer and client recognition;
      In 2004 the net number of ANB-8000 series of products successfully developed and put into the ma-rket,one successful Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau under the Welfare Center, in the application has been recognized by customers; 
      In 2006  ANB-8000 series of products won the bid in Shanxi Province China Mobile Service Hall 14 Shuozhou region, so that the product of well-known or have been; 
      In 2007 the company saw the number of security products in the civilian market and great potential to develop intelligent storage SD card camera products.
      In 2008 SD memory card-based smart camera products successfully developed and put into the ma-rket to focus on foreign markets,  are exported to Southeast Asia and many countries in Europe, and by the foreign customers.
      In 2009  Hong Kong will HFR Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established, the product changed to a new Security Council HFR digital products,  the company will be applied in the digital security of civil-ian areas,  the gradual development of the network to more innovation,  and price means better  service the majority of Chinese and foreign customers. 

      In 2010  The counters of SEG plaza and the pacific security market (ShenZhen city) are set up in order to be convenient for  customers. 

      In 2012  Upon official establishment, ShenZhen HFR Technology Co Ltd.  released a series of intelligent video cameras and DVR with SD card memory, high-resolution modulates, and high resolution video cameras. It commits to serve domestic and international customers with ever more practical and higher cost performance on the beliefs of honesty, professionalism and creativity.

In 2015   HFR Technology Co Ltd.  developed dual card (128 G), H.264 compact mini DVR, and also released a series of  Portable Digital Magnifier, which won much attention and favorable comments from domestic and international customers in China Public Security Exhibition 2015 (CPSE).


In 2017  HFR Technology Co Ltd.  released Two-channel two-card mini TC-DVR, and 7-inch TFT LCD DVR screen with two-channel video that can be shifted automatically. We will attend China Public Security Exhibition 2017 (CPSE), upon which a new series of MINI DVR and Portable Digital Magnifier will be released. Welcome our old and new customers to visit us there!