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Portable Digital Magnifier(HFR-805)

       This product is a digital electronic products designed for

the majority of middle and old aged and other amblyopia  

group, in order to solve  reading  book and newspaper;also

gift to friends, caring for the elderly, improve low vision  

children's interest in reading the best products.


Product features:

1. Can substitute reading glasses:2-32 zoom lens, high-definition pictures

    without saw-tooth or burr.

2. Photographic storage: the inbedded camera supports 32 GB TF

    storage, and you won't miss taking notes of any important picture or


3. Precise screen freezing: touch a button to freeze present screen, be

    easy when in mobile reading mode.

4. Supplemental lighting: The two imbedded LED soft night lights helps

    supplement lighting when reading in a dark environment.

5. Economy mode: It is shut off if let idle for 15 minutes to save battery.

6. TV-Out:  It provides TV-OUT cable, to offer bigger and clearer pictur-

    es when connected to TV.

7. Special supporting stand: with a supporting stand,the user can free

    both hands to use it more easily.

8. Handy size:  It is small and can be easily carried in a coat pocket for

    use any time any where.

9. Driver free flash disk: when connected to computer with a USB, you

    can check the pictures or text messages on the TF card.