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Dual Cards MINI HC-DVR(HFR-609)

        This HC-DVR is a new model of security product that 

features duel card high capacity memory, H.264 compress-

ed and 5 resolutions etc.This product is applicable in differ-

ent places,such as dwelling houses,stores, hotels, small-

markets, storehouse, offices, financial affair offices, BTS

stations, etc.

























Ⅰ.Product features

1.Dual card and H.264 compressed to ensure store large storage.

2.Single card supports 64 GB, while dual card supports128 GB.

3.It can do video camera recording seamlessly without a single second of missing.

4.DC5V/DC8-28V wide voltage to ensure easy usage.

5.It supports 5 levels of video definition, 5 kinds of recycled video record-ing to meeting all 

   monitoring needs.

6.Imbed watch-dog program, so that if there is system lock, it will restart to enhance usability.

7.The HDMI interface supports 720 high definition video-out.

Ⅱ.Technical parameters


MINI DVR Applications in Engineering

1.Places where wiring is difficult, such as old residential communities, or isolated commu-

   nities to be rebuilt where theft is common.









     In many cities where there are quite many old residential communities or isolated commun-

ities to be rebuilt where city planning is absent, residents are temporary tenants, and theft is

common, it is a headache for the police because direct evidence of crime is often hard to get. It

is necessary to install a monitoring system, however, the wiring is very complicated and costly

without monitoring system originally being planned.

     HC-DVR is suitable for application in such places—without long distance wiring, it only takes

installing a camera by gates or where crimes are prone to happen etc. and a power control box

nearby (can be tailor made) with a lock. When any crime happens, one can just take out the TF

card, replay the video and find evidence. It omits complicated wiring engineering, offers a

much lower cost, and can decrease thefts.

2. Portable equipment, convenient and flexible installation.

      The Micro camera is of small size, easy to insert or take out memory cards, and can be fixed

as a portable video camera, to be applied in some temporary cases.

3.Small areas that needs monitoring, such as convenience stores, casher counters, cars
















                                             Casher Counters      














       In such small areas where one or two cameras can meet the monitoring demand, if tradit-

ional hard disk video cameras are installed, the cost would be high ( bear in mind that a hard

disc would cost several hundred RMB), HC-DVR can be applied.

4.For places where there are already a whole set of monitoring system installed, there are

   still two occasions in which HC-DVR can be used:














        A.The back end system has no more video-in interfaces. It would be costly to purchase a

whole set of system just for one or two monitoring spots. HC-DVR could reduce the cost.

















          B.For important spots that are already connected to DVR(hard disc recorder), the HC-DVR

can be installed in the system stealthily far from DVR(hard disc recorder)to double guarantee

data safety. (e.g. some insider persons may delete the video on purpose, or it may be destroyed

or stolen). HC-DVR can still provide video evidence for future use.(For Occasion B, it is already

applied in many places with good user feedback)

5.For some places where it is not strictly required for monitoring safety, HC-DVR and

   multi-screen divider can substitute traditional hard disc video recorder, and reduce cost