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Digital Video Recorder(HFR-102)

        With the latest single chip embedded video monitoring system ,this product has the functions of videoing ,sound recording ,motion detection ,nighttime infrared monitoring ,photosensitive induction,and circulating storage. Compared with tranditional analog surveillance ,it has the advantages of easy installation (do not need professional wiring), operation(directly plug in power to start working),and convenience of video data reading (all video files are named by the exact tim-e),and so on.   












I. Product features: 

1. The first power-on intelligent video camera of its kind in the world
2. Easy installation. It is USB type and can work independently.
3. Upgradable TF card that can support up to 32 G of memory.
4. It can work 24 hours a day. Infrared camera works in the evening within a 10 meter effective range.
5. The latest mobility detecting and contracting technology that enables it to saves a file every 30 minutes, optimizing the memory capacity.
6. High quality IC, integrating high-resolution video processing, monitoring, video taking, voice recording. Totally discarding the technology used in traditional monitoring sector—“camera + video collecting + DVR” etc., it advocates a new trend of intelligent monitoring product.
7. A green product. It saves power advocates a low-carbon environment friendly. 

Ⅱ.Product image:

        Local storage           Loop recording           Sound recording 
     3GP file layout       Video Format:640x480        PC Camera function
MAX TF suport 32GB Intrared night vision function          Media/mobile play     
Ⅲ.Suit place:

      It is widely used in households,businesses,offces,supermarkets,schools warehouse ,shop,garages,and the facades of buildings,streets and other places that need monitoring.

Ⅳ.Related parameters:


  ARM9 32-bit Microprocessor core




  Digital signal

AV format




Video specs

 300.000 resolution1/4"COMS video sensor

Upgradable memory

  TF:128M-32G( Kinston high-speed card recommended)

Video length

  4GBup to 24 hours


 24infrared lights,5-15 meter range in the evening

D C power


Clock synchronizing

  It supports clock synchronizing